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NoCode Camp is a mastermind session for no-code makers to gather, learn from experts, and get their questions answered.
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Meeting Schedule

Every Thursday Morning at 8am EST
Camp #26
Camp #25
Camp #23
Jul 16, 2020
Camp #22
Jul 9, 2020

What other campers are saying:

The NoCode Camp helped me open up in a trusted space with other like minded people. I was able to share and learn from others who were asking the same questions as I was. This gave me confidence that I was on the right path and I was less scared about working on my projects.

Gurpal Singh Kalra

Jumping on with Joe, KP & the other campers was great, they listened to my problems and gave me a clear step by step solution, sign me up for the next one!

Tom Ludd

Thrilled with my first experience of NoCode Camp! Makers from all over the world of all different skill levels helping eachother out and bettering their NoCode skills. Sign me up again!

James Eldersveld

KP and Joe are true evangelists of the no-code revolution. That one hour session was waaay more helpful that browsing blogs or current forums. Meeting 9 other new folks in the same journey was a cherry on the 🍰.

Suhas Motwani

In a sea of information and hype, I find the Nucode community along with KP and Joe to be great people to approach and get clarity.


NoCode Camp is bringing the no-code community closer together by providing supportive friendly discussion. You join a session feeling excited and leave it feeling empowered and inspired. Thanks Joe and KP for connecting diverse people around a common interest.

Kieran Ball

About the hosts

Joe Brown

Joe is the Founder of, a community of no-code makers & experts building products without code together. He also cofounded, one of the first agencies dedicated to no-code product design & development.


KP is a no-code evangelist and serial maker who has built 9 no-code projects so far with one of them being #1 product of the day on Product Hunt. His products include,, and his latest writing platform called He loves building communities and helping people unlock their potential with no-code.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to NoCode Camp?

Head back up to the top to signup! Once you enter your email, you'll be taken to our calendar page to book a time.

What if I can't join NoCode Camp at this time?

Unfortunately we have one office-hour time on Thursday mornings EST. We may expand with more times in the future!

Why are there limited seats?

We like to keep our fireside chats personal. Keeping our sessions to just a few people each week allows us to really dig into each attendees projects.

Is NoCode Camp totally free?

Yes! It costs zero, zip, nada, zilch. We're here to help you, free of charge.

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